“I would have to say that the insulation is the best thing since sliced bread. Our gas consumption halved, the house has virtually no drafts, and is much more stable in temperature with the hot / cold days we are experiencing. Overall very well worth the effort.” Mt Macedon, VIC

 “I would like to express my gratitude for your staff’s professionalism. They were both pleasant & very efficient keeping any mess to a minimum. I am very happy with the job. Please pass my thanks on to them.”

Ocean Grove, VIC

“The underfloor insulation has made a big difference to my house. Last winter I went through a gas bottle every 3 weeks and this year it’s very different with less heating required so my gas bottles are lasting about 4 – 5 weeks.”

Alstonville, NSW

“Please pass on our thanks to the installation/spray guys Nick & Chris for doing a very professional job, their professionalism, manner, politeness & courtesy is not something that is seen these days. many, many thanks”

Katoomba, NSW

“Thanks for sending the invoice through. I have just paid it and the money should hopefully be in your account today (please see below receipt). The guys have done a great job and the house feels much warmer and quieter. We are very happy with the foam insulation! … I will happily recommend EcoFoam to anyone who is looking for insulation.”

Yarraville, VIC

“My name is Greg and I live in Canberra. My house is over 50 years old and only had insulation in the roof – nothing in the walls or under the raised timber floor. Towards the end of winter 2011, I crawled under my house and installed batt insulation as I was tired of having cold timber floors in the living areas. Prior to this, during winter 2011, my family and I were running the central heating at approx 24-25 degrees and wearing nothing less than a thick jumper, long pants and ugg boots to combat the cold coming up through the floors. The thermo cline throughout the house due to the cold under the house was nothing I had ever experienced before. Our feet were ALWAYS cold and our heating bill alone was well over $1200 per quarter as it was almost running constantly to try and maintain a comfortable temperature. The batts I spent a painful 8 hours installing made absolutely no difference. They were R2.5 batts, installed correctly as per manufacturer instructions. So I looked for a proper alternative. Having watched a number of (don’t laugh) Holmes on Homes shows on foxtel, I was interested in the spray foam he used in a number of renovation projects and couldn’t speak highly enough of… this led me to You Tube and then to EcoFoam… I have since had under my floors and external walls sprayed with foam and the difference is absolutely amazing ! we now run the heating at 19 degrees and it does not come on very often to maintain the warmth. There is no thermo cline in my house. There is no cold air at “feet level”, all rooms are the same temperature from floor to ceiling. The guys that came to spray the foam were fantastic. Worked like demons and did a fantastic job. It took them approx 7 hours to do the floors as there is not a lot of room under the house, but they got into every nook and cranny – yes guys, I got under and checked! I can’t speak highly enough of them and I can’t recommend them enough to everyone. ALSO, we had really bad condensation on all of our windows and as a result, really bad mould on the window frames and curtains – we ended up getting rid of the curtains as they got too bad. We had all sorts of experts give us all sorts remedies for the problem, but nothing worked. After having the walls sprayed, the condensation has completely stopped and no more mould. The cost of the foam is absolutely worth every cent. Please feel free to put this up on the website and pass on my contact details if anyone would like to chat…

Canberra, ACT

“We have found a marked difference once the foam was applied, the house is warmer and the cold coming up through the floors has stopped. So all in all very happy with the results. Thanks again.”

Rye, VIC

“We were very impressed with the whole process and it makes a huge difference on the heating of the house. We were also surprised how much street noise it keeps out. I noticed this straight away. I have already mentioned Ecofoam to a couple of work colleagues and given them your web address”

Orange, NSW

“We have been very pleased with the work your staff have undertaken at our house. I will fill in the survey but I wanted to indicate to you how impressed I have been from start to finish of this process. From your own direct and prompt responses to my questions, through to the way your staff engaged with us whilst on site – it has been professional all the way through. We appreciated they way the boys told us exactly what they were doing and why. They did exactly as they said they would do and left the house in a clean and tidy state when they were done. I am a partner in small business and I understand how hard it is to get money from people at the moment so making prompt payment was the least we could do! I wish you very well in your operation and will have no hesitation recommending you and your company to anyone I come across”

Echuca, VIC

“I would have liked to mention about your good customer service from start to finish….anyway I’m predicting that winter is going to be very nice here in my house. The temperature hasn’t fallen below 17C at 3am with 13C outside (this was without any heaters running through the day)…and I missed another drunken party next door. last night…how nice!”

Oakleigh South, VIC

” Having the insulation has been terrific. We have been able to maintain much more stable temperatures inside without cooling in summer or central heating in winter (we use a small fuel stove). One of our friends visited last summer and asked if we had air conditioning! “

Goulburn, NSW

“I am very happy with the effects on my weatherboard house. During warm weather, the insulated rooms take much longer to heat up, so for the first couple of hot days they remain much more comfortable than before. During cooler nights, the bedroom doesn’t chill off enough to wake me, as it did before. An unexpected bonus is that the insulated rooms are much quieter. Overall, I’m very happy with the result and recommend it.”

Oakleigh, VIC

” There is a noticeable difference within the house, heat is kept out for longer during the day and it is most definitely warmer in the house in the morning. Last few days have been 13-14 °C at dawn and inside of house is still 19-20 °C, so we are looking forwards to being much warmer this coming winter and saving on our heating bills and the Environment. Please pass on our recommendation to other customers.

Forestville, NSW

” I would like to provide an unsolicited reference for EcoFoam who installed foam insulation in the walls of our brick veneer extension about 18 months ago. Our dealings with this company at every level has been exemplary. The salesman were courteous and explained everything we need to know to make an informed choice. Although the installation was a bit messy, it was all over in half a day. We timed this with dry cleaning of the curtains as well as plastering and painting. Within a week the house was back to normal. The effect on summer and winter comfort has been dramatic. Our summer electricity use has halved. Though we have also switched from ducted to split A/C and upgraded our roof insulation. The insulation allows the walls to breath and we have not had any issues with moisture transgression. In conclusion I have no hesitation in recommending EcoFoam for anyone requiring an improvement of their insulation in brick veneer walls. “

Killara, NSW

” … the cavity wall insulation you installed was just one of a number of measures I put in to help keep the house cooler, including additional insulation in the roof space, shading plant and some curtains on West facing French doors. That said, the house seems to have coped very well with the hot weather and doesn’t appear to have “warmed up” as it has in previous summers. Indeed, the house has remained comfortable without the need for air conditioning. We have an air conditioner in our main living area which we have yet to use this summer. The bedrooms have remained comfortable with just the use of ceiling fans. Another “benefit” of the cavity wall insulation is that it provides a rodent barrier. Previously rats were climbing up the internal cavity and nesting in the roof space insulation. We discovered this as a rat was trapped in the roof space by the foam and we could hear its efforts to escape. Investigation revealed significant evidence of infestation – this has now been cleared up and the roof space is secure”

Balgowlah, NSW